flying time up to 7 Minutes
charging time  approx. 60 Minutes
outside measurements approx. 13 cm
rotor diameter 5,5 cm

With the sensational Carrera RC Quadrocopter Video One aerial
photography becomes a reality. Thanks to video and
photographic functions, you can view the shots either on your
PC or your laptop using the 1 GB Micro SD card included. A
high-quality six-axis gyro system, which ensures stable flying,
makes sure your pictures are sharp too. Naturally, there is plenty
of flying enjoyment with this  RC Quadrocopter. This is
guaranteed with the 3D looping function in all directions at the
press of a button – ideal for flying novices – and experienced
pilots, and the 2.4 Ghz technology assures pilots absolutely
untroubled flying operations.

The RC Quadrocopter, 13 x 13 cm in size, has an changeable
3.7 V – 380 mAh LiPo rechargeable battery for up to 7 minutes'
flying time. By means of the USB charging cable also supplied,
the Quadrocopter can be fully recharged at the USB port in only
about 60 minutes. A further highlight is the beginner / advanced
mode which makes the Carrera RC Quadrocopter Video One an
optimum model for both the beginner and the experienced pilot.
As a ready to fly model the remotely-controlled RC
Quadrocopter is supplied with all necessary accessories as well
as a set of replacement rotor blades.

Lift off! and at last get a picture of yourself with the  Carrera RC
Quadrocopter Video One!