Durable (ESC) Electronic Speed Controller: Hi-quality durable forward and reverse Solid Rear Axle
lockouts improve ground clearance when crawling
Slipper Clutch: Reduces gear wobble for a more efficient drivetrain. Allows a motor to work more
efficiently and greatly enhances the durability of the drivetrain.
Aluminum Chassis plates with a molded nylon skid plate provide a solid and rigid chassis
Ultra compact and lightweight transmission
Open front diff for smaller turning radius, or install the included front locker for more traction when rock
Rear axle is locked for better traction.
Full Ball bearings
Overall gear ratio range from 15:1 to 74:1
Transmission: 2.6:1; center mounted
Differentials: Front - gear differential; Rear - locked (spool)
Transmission: Single-speed
Tires: Axial 2.2 Rock Lizards
Wheels: Axial 2.2 8 Hole Beadlocks (Satin Chrome)
Suspension: 3 Link
Drive Shafts: Universal front and rear


Wheelbase: 304mm~320mm (12”~12.6”)
Width: 254mm (10”)
Height: 156mm (6.125”)
Weight: 1588g (3.5 lbs)
Articulation: 70°
Ground Clearance: 79mm (3.125”)

Length: 438mm (17.25”)
Width: 181mm (7.125”)
Height: 133mm (5.25”)
Radio: 2 Channel
Servos: 1 Hi-Torque (Standard Size)
Forward/Revers ESC
Motor: 27T 540/550 Size
PRICE £150.00 R.T.R.