ITEM#: 13813239
This X-ACTO deluxe hobby tool set features 3 knives, 8 blades, a jeweler's
screwdriver, a block plane, a block sander, 2 routers, 4 gouges, 3 drill bits, and a
coping saw with blade. This set is boxed in a wooden chest.

Knives: A number 1 precision knife with a number 11 classic fine point blade, a
number 2 SGK knife with a number 2 large fine point blade, and a number 5
heavy-duty plastic handle knife with a number 19 angled wood chiseling blade
Blades: A number 7 straight edge blade, a number 13 micro saw blade, a number 16
scoring blade, a number 17 lightweight chiseling blade, a number 22 large curved
carving blade, a number 24 deburring blade, a number 26 whittling blade, and a
number 28 concave carving blade
Includes: One jeweler's screwdriver, 1 block plane, 1 block sander, 1 spokeshave, 1
balsa stripper, 2 routers, 4 gouges, 1 pin vise, 3 drill bits, and 1 coping saw with blade
Model number: 5087