Chris Foss' ever popular Wot4 Foam-E Mk2 has been updated into the MK2+. The
previous Wot4 Foam-E gained a reputation as one of the best sports models available
and the Mk2+ builds on that with numerous new features.

The model comes supplied pre-installed with a powerful brushless outrunner motor,
matching 40A brushless electronic speed controller and 4 x 9g micro servos. All you need
to add is your preferred receiver/transmitter combo and a 3S 2200mAh Li-Po of your

Like the previous version, the Mk2+ only requires minor assembly to get airborne. No
glue is required, only a cross headed screwdriver, a 10mm spanner and some double
sided tape to mount your receiver.

Buried inside the structure there are numerous changes to the internal design. The
tailplane has been re-designed for improved styling with solid tips and inset elevators for
improved style and improved control response. The aileron servos now have 'trapped'
sockets to make upgrading the servos easy without losing the socket inside the wing! The
tail wheel has also been re-designed to be bolted on, allowing easy removal if
accidentally broken. The control surfaces use 'live' moulded foam hinges with plastic
hinge re-enforcement for extra security and peace of mind. Just like the previous version
the control surfaces have carbon fibre re-enforcement for optimal control authority.

The colour scheme has been changed from the previous blue, black and white scheme to
a new 'easy to apply' scheme in the yellow, orange and red colours that are synonymous
with Chris' classic designs. If you want your Wot4 Foam-E to really stand out, then you
can customise it using one of our option decal kits. (Available separately 'Z-CF020/12B' &

The new Mk2+ retains all the flying characteristics that made the previous version so
popular. The Wot4 Foam-E Mk2+ has a huge flight range, if you open the throttle you
have a 1:1 power to weight ratio perfectly suited to sports aerobatics manoeuvres. Where
the Wot4 Foam-E excels is its wide speed range, if you lower the throttle you can fly
slowly and use little space. It makes for a perfect first aerobatic model for newer pilots and
a really fun sports model for experienced pilots.

• New Bright Colour Scheme
• Pre-Installed Brushless Motor, ESC and 4 x 9g Servos
• Re-Designed Tailplane and Elevator
• Foam 'Live' Hinges with Plastic Hinge Reinforcement
• Modified Internal Structure
• Removable Tail Wheel
• Aluminium Undercarriage
• Option Decal Kits Available

Notice: The printed manual states the 'Center of Gravity' should be 70mm, it should say
80mm back from the leading edge. The Wot4 Foam-E Mk2+ will balance and fly great
without any additional weight.

Specifications / Technische Daten
Propeller / Propeller:        11 x 8" (Inc.)
Wingspan / Spannweite:        1205mm (47.4“)
Length / Länge:        1050mm (41.33“)
Weight / Gewicht:        1100g (2.43 lbs)
Servos / Servos:        4 x 9g Micro (Inc.)
Radio System / Fernsteuerung:        4 - 5 Channel (Req.)
Electric Motor / Elektromotor:        Brushless Outrunner (Inc.)
Speed Controller / Drehzahlsteller :        40A Brushless (Inc.)
LiPo / LiPo Akku:        3S 2200mAh 30C (Req.)