On March 1942, a British amphibious attack was undertaken by Royal
Navy and Commandos against the large dry dock at Saint Nazaire, in
German occupied France. 'Chariot' was the codename of the combined
operation. The French harbor was in fact an important logistic point for
the German Kriegsmarine in the Atlantic. The raid was conducted by
some destroyers and by a motor launches flotilla that provide the
transport duties of British Commandos. The operation was successful
done and the dry dock was damaged and unusable until the end of the
war. A key role was assigned to the MTB 74. It had been specifically
modified by Royal Navy shipyards to house torpedo tubes on its
foredeck and to adopt specific engine silencers to reduce the noise. MTB
74 duty was to hit the anti-submarine nets and then to launch its
torpedoes to block the lock gate. The MTB achieved its targets but on
the way back it was hit and sank.
Decals for one version
Period: WWII - Country: GB - Model Dim: 63.1cm - Skill: 5