AquaP 12~36T 6~16 280A W/Cooled FNR
Designed for a wide selection of powerful electric motors and to be used with between 6 and 16
Cells NiCd/NiMh (7.2V~19.2V)
Water Cooling
Automatic Set-Up
All Connectors factory fitted
Temperature cut-Off shuts down the speed controller to prevent damage from excessive current draw
Specification        P-FS-AQP280
Use        BOAT
Function        Foward/Neutral/Reverse
On-Resistance        3.0ohm
Frequency        4KHz
Max. Peak Current        940A
Max. Continuous Current        280A
B.E.C        -
Input Voltage NiCd/NiMH        6~16 Cells
Motor Turns        12~36
Automatic Set-Up        Yes
Temperature Cut-Off        Yes
Water Cooling System        Yes
Wire Size        1.68mm2
Case Size        52x35x16mm
Weight        56g