The F86 Sabre has rightly come to be regarded as one of the most outstanding aviation
designs of all time. Serving with air forces across the globe for over forty years, the
Sabre was designed in an era of guns and served into the missile age.

It was in the skies over Korea that the Sabre forged its reputation. While the MiG 15 was
a comparable fighter aircraft, it was the superior training and tactics of the USAF pilots
that enabled them to overcome the enemy forces.

The F-86F introduced the larger “6-3” wing without leading edge slats and also had the
capability to be equipped with bombs, turning the Sabre into a capable ground attack
fighter, a mission it was able to perform admirably over Korea
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Technical Specification & Detail
Scale        1:72
Skill        2
Flying Hours        1
Number of Parts        63
Dimensions (mm)        L158 x W157