Produced in greater numbers than any other American aircraft, the Liberator had a long distinguished
career with the US and Allied Air Forces. Never as glamourous as the B-17 Fortress, with which it shared
the daylight heavy bombing offensive over Europe, the B24 did however, prove to be very capable bomber

The B-24J in this kit was the most widely used of all the Liberators and saw extensive service, principally in
the Pacific, where it was the main heavy bomber until the appearence of the B-29 in 1944. In Europe it flew
daylight missions against Germany.

Max Speed: 300mph at 30,000 ft, powered by four 1,200hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830 engines
Range: 1,700 miles with Bomb load.
Armament: 10 x 0.5in machine guns, bomb load up to a maximum of 12,800lb
Wing Span: 11ft
Length: 67ft 2in

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Technical Specification & Detail
Scale        1:72
Skill        2
Flying Hours        2
Number of Parts        124
Dimensions (mm)        L283 x W465